The calling home

Gepubliceerd op 9 januari 2022 om 21:34

The long road back home. A 5 years ago my yourney back home began, in all truth thats were i realy felt my very first unknown YES!. All i Felt was i have to attend this dance. This particuar dance, called the Fire Dance ignited a whole new beginning. The theme of my personal dance in that dance. I began to take my very first steps back home in a whole new way.

Fast forwarding here to recent december 2021 were i once again fel this YES! again. unknown what i said yes to, again i surrenderd to what ever came and went to Norway. Partaking a beauyfull shamanic holistic week, spaking whit nature. Bears en ghost on the road, yet in the end i went. I learend in the recent 5 years thoses big yesses you can feel, yet not knowing whats to come, go anyway what ever may come your way, hang on to the yes, to that original feeling that came. Couse that feeling will guide you in ways beyond words can express. However my yes went in a “na cant attend becouse.....”Yet miracles happen and i got one to make this yourney to Tromso.

A week filled whit love and wonder we learned to speak whit nature from a place of heart and love. As the first days went by i began to understand i was comming home. I was prepairing myself somehow someway among these beautyfull souls that were holding space, teaching and attending. I needed this more then i new i had at that time. I had no clue what was going on yet my heart new and began to prepare to come home. To be here on Earth, as who i truly am.

For a long time in my life i always felt that my incarnation was a mistake, didn't wanted to be here and i strugled whit live and living. Yet i danced for new beginnings 5 years and here i was at Tromso, remembering a new truth. “being on Earth is the biggest gift i could give myself” this whole week was filled whit wonder and pure love. I felt home for the first time in my live, yet i still had one door to go, the one door that needs no invitation, the one that is always open. That one door that gets you in all that is all and notting and you simply ARE WHO YOU ARE.

Today and other old part of me awoke, i never understood the rocks arround the Sacret Tree of my heart, i never understood. Till today, when i reconised the head and tail. I knew these mountains. I loved them yet it always felt cold and dark as the human being that i am. The dagon wound that i held on for so long that i bagan to hybernate. The pain i felt in that moment a long long time ago got me to lay down and burried this part of me in to oblivion.

Good thing is live has her witnesses, notting gets lost nor forgotten no matter how deep we tend to bury our woundedness and our own roots. Loved ones in my live were showing and guiding me to were i am today. I can't thank you all enough for speaking your truths in who i am. You all made me remember who i am. And here i am starting to breath that old part of me back in to full live again. No more hiding and no more hybernating.


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